18 May 2008

Boeing Factory - Melbourne

When in Melbourne recently I spoke to several people about the boeing strike. Actually they spoke to me as I was unaware that there was a 3 week long strike. They siad that the reason for the strike was that Boeing had delayed the 777 development. This meant that they had too many staff. So what Boeing's management was doing was surrupticousy going around finding people that they could sack to save money on redundancies. But they were not following the proper process. People were being sacked for doing things like getting someone else to sign in for them in the morning. They were being put on suspension for a week and then sacked. Aparently this is not the correct process.

04 May 2008

mexicans and other types of north americans...

If you are a mexican because you like to be on the bottom, does that mean that being an American means you like to be in the middle and being a Canadian mean that you like being on top? Kind of a north american sandwich.