31 December 2008

Gulgong Folk Festival

I sent this as a bug report to Facebook. My work place filter also did not like the site, but still let me in.

Hi, I tried to post the link to a local folk festival here in NSW, and was prevented form doing so because the sight was said to be: reported as abusive by Facebook users.

it is: http://gulgongfolkfestival.150m.com/

I think that this is unfair and unjust. :(

30 December 2008

tourist, terrorist, paedophile

A man posted this as a comment on my photo.

Asian taking photographs = tourist
Arabic taking photographs = terrorist
Anglo taking photographs = paedophile.



people using the internet to make wild statements

A man recently, who failed to identify himself, left the message below on one of my Flickr photos. Of course I immediately banned him from my stream. I have encrypted the accused's name as I want no part of this. Though if I could identify the one who left the comment I would. I expect that Telstra is big enough to hide the identity.
局 勢體能和 is a little adultering cunt who cheats on his wife with a married woman! 局勢體能和 of Sydney Australia who works at Telstra. Ask him about it sometime. I know because it was my wife


a man says "even my wife doe not like to see me naked". I think that this is very sad. Maybe he needs a marriage councillor.