28 September 2007

Vladimir Putin a gay icon

I just love it. Previously I spoke of Vladimir. To find out that he is a gay icon on ABC raido was just very very cool. Almost hysterical.

"putin_.JPG" by win/win [?]

07 September 2007

Internet snooping

It seems that the plans to provide free public wifi have hit a legal hurdle, they need to know who you are.
Under the Telecommunications (Interception) Bill, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) must supply user identifiable information such as IP and MAC addresses to law enforcement.

A very shory history of the fall of France in 1940

Germany invaded France and were surprised to win. The French fought valiantly but were routed and threw in the towel. The British also fought valiantly but ran away with their tails between their legs after a few days. The Americans stood the side lines and said, nothing to do with us.

"Oradour-Sur-Glane" by bloomsday616 [?]

01 September 2007

a loss of confidence...

I have been listening to Dr Karl for some time. He occasionally complains about his slide down the scale of trustworthiness in the ABC surveys. Though he is still very credibly in the top 10. I would suggest that this is the reason why:
What the listeners are seeking is unbiased views of the world. They do not necessarily have to be correct, but they should be biased on good science. However Dr Karl occasionally makes the mistake of towing the line of the ABC. So when he gives a view on some topic that is to do with policy he takes the policy line rather than the good science line, even thought they may end up with the same outcome. This makes him a less trustworthy source of information. We do not want dogma, we want honest science.
I have no surveys or other analysis to back up this hypothesis.