31 December 2008

Gulgong Folk Festival

I sent this as a bug report to Facebook. My work place filter also did not like the site, but still let me in.

Hi, I tried to post the link to a local folk festival here in NSW, and was prevented form doing so because the sight was said to be: reported as abusive by Facebook users.

it is: http://gulgongfolkfestival.150m.com/

I think that this is unfair and unjust. :(

30 December 2008

tourist, terrorist, paedophile

A man posted this as a comment on my photo.

Asian taking photographs = tourist
Arabic taking photographs = terrorist
Anglo taking photographs = paedophile.



people using the internet to make wild statements

A man recently, who failed to identify himself, left the message below on one of my Flickr photos. Of course I immediately banned him from my stream. I have encrypted the accused's name as I want no part of this. Though if I could identify the one who left the comment I would. I expect that Telstra is big enough to hide the identity.
局 勢體能和 is a little adultering cunt who cheats on his wife with a married woman! 局勢體能和 of Sydney Australia who works at Telstra. Ask him about it sometime. I know because it was my wife


a man says "even my wife doe not like to see me naked". I think that this is very sad. Maybe he needs a marriage councillor.

29 November 2008


When I was younger I used to play a game called Paranoia. Unfortunately paranoid behaviour has become an endemic in Australia. For instance, the mere act of taking a photo of children in a school is now deemed an evil act. However, when in China we were welcomed with open arms. In Korea, the children were given quite an amount of room to run around. Again, no need to be afraid they will be kidnapped or any other potential grievance. No need to make school into little concentration camps with high fences. Give me the Chinese and Korean approach rather than the Australian approach any day.

School Children in Australia


School Children Overseas

School Children

school yard

school childrenthe principleyewenyiSchool Childrenclass roomEliot teaching

school girls
school boys

27 November 2008


Does it not seem that people say they dislike people because of their personal preferences are prejudicial? I often see this when I see comments about not likeing people beucase of their profiles on the net, especially in conjunction with the work place.

26 November 2008


In the years after WWII many on the side of Labour wanted to nationalise the banks. People fought long and hard against this. After all it is socialism or communism creepeing in.I wonder if they see the irony in the British Governments nationalising banks to save themselves from themselves and their capitalist excess.

12 November 2008

On ode to those who fought in WWI,

Lest we forget,
those who selflessly gave their lives to protect a land where the indigenous population were not considered citizens and were sent off to reservations.

lest we forget,
those who gave their lives for a land where only people with white skin were unwelcome.

lest we forget,
the injustices of the past.

lest we forget,
that there is a bigger wider picture.

Lest we forget,
the fact that people on all sides of the conflict gave their lives selflessly for a cause that they believed in.

WWII photos

07 November 2008

pervert photography

A woman in Canberra, this year, said to me that certain stances in photography amounted to attempts to take photos up a skirt and used this stance as an example. This is of course a stupid belief. It actually means that the photographer, such as myself, is too lazy to lie down on the ground to get the photo.

"" by sillykitty [?]

26 October 2008

no clothes

The BBC published this article - Europe delays airport X-ray eye. I think that the EU politicians have a point and am surprised it has been allowed in the prudish USA. Also, if it does use X-rays, aren't they dangerous? I wonder what technology they do use. I did not bother to search the internet to find out. I still think that wearing no clothes or transparent clothes would be just as efficient and a whole lot cheaper. Perhaps poorer countries could use the nudity approach.

I suspect it won't be long before it is in a local XXX shop. I wonder if they have better resolution images that they did not use as this is after all the respectable BBC.

25 October 2008

more than 125 people were murdered to take this photo

I have always wondered about the distinctions for murder. But war is just the most effective method of mass murder. More than 125 men were killed in the making of the photo in my grandfathers photo album, but only 125 men are in it. Who know how many plants and animals were killed on the side? I do not know.

WWII photos

09 October 2008

the financial crisis so far

A very short version:
  1. A person in the great depression decided the government should lend money to those who the banks would not.
  2. A person many years later decided to sell these loans to the banks.
  3. A banker many years later decided to guarantee these loans.
  4. Many people many years later discovered that there was a reason why it was the government making these loans and why the banks would not.

05 October 2008

AUS NSW Carcoar Belubula Street

AUS NSW Carcoar Belubula Street, originally uploaded by yewenyi.

A person told me that it is wrong to take a photo and manipulate it with lines, I think that they are full of shit. I quite like the effect. She said that it does not stop copyright, but I think I already owned the copyright.

03 October 2008

The Cage Walk

Maybe it should be called the cage rather than the coat hanger. I love the title Cage Walk

"Sydney" by yewenyi [?]

23 September 2008

where did all the people go?

I am reminded of the saying, lies, damn lies and statistics. Here is a quote that is simply very funny.
Rocca says the carrier has ended up with a network that can download the Australian National Library in 4.6 seconds and switch 180 billion telephone calls per minute.
Now, I do not think I could down load the national library in 4.6 seconds, no matter how good the network is. But the next one is the clanger. Why would you build a network to handle 180 billion calls per minute? I mean that would need 360 billion people and they would have to make a call every minute. Perhaps there was a population explosion here in Australia while I was not looking. Or perhaps the Rudd government has an immigration plan that they are not telling us about.

13 September 2008

Harassing James

One thing I have noticed in wandering around Sydney is that the security people take a dislike to James. If I wander off on my own, I am fine and allowed to take photos. But as soon as James arrives, a secrity guard will start asking questions and if possible try to make us go away. I take photos with lots of people, this only happens with James.

Example #1 - Taking Photos of a mine in the Hunter Valley

"security man doing his duty for the company" by yewenyi [?]
security man doing his duty for the company

Example #2 - we were at the pier Wollomolloo. Mike was taking photos on the access road into the car park, I joined him. The security guard was watching us. When James arrived, we were asked to leave. They would not agree to us walking down the access road.

"Saturday Photo Walk #16" by yewenyi [?]
Saturday Photo Walk #16

Example #3 - twice on Cockatoo Island, where I had previously taken photos, James was told not to. On one occasion there where about four members of the public taking photos, but they only asked James not to. When one of the others who was taking photos (a man with is wife and two young daughters) asked why James was being told this and not everyone else, the security person retreated. I wish I had captured it on video.

"Cockatoo Island" by yewenyi [?]
Cockatoo Island

Example #4- I was not present at this one. The day before APEC became declared James had his film stolen by the police. (Well they never gave it back.)

09 September 2008

Unfair Elections Results

I have been watching the results of Australian elections for a while now and have noted that in a few ways they represent a gerrymander and are still coming up with mathematically unfair results. The WA elections are a case in point.

This table is not very neat. But you can see a better version here. If the system was truly representational then people would get candidates approximately in the same proportion to their vote. The table below shows that this is not the case. This is why a system such as those used in Tasmania or the ACT are far better than those used in other states.

% Vote Won Likely Nominal Difference

Labor 35.9 26 20 6
Liberal 38.7 22 21 1
National 4.9 4 3 1
Greens 11.5 0 6 (6)
Others 9 3 5 (2)
A simple calculation of error being difference divided by total, gives 8 over 55 or a 15% error. I wonder what sort of error would be considered fair?

04 September 2008

photo phobia - psychotic behaviour?

Recently I became friend with someone on Face Book just to play a game. I discovered this comment on this persons photo stream which was attributed to me. I never installed this application and I never made this comment. I wonder if the man is being psychotic? There seems to be a tragic wave of photophobia striking Australia at the moment.
Awkward Contact

Brian Yap wrote Wow! that's an odd looking pose for a profile picture, what's going on?

Jammar Prince (Thetford, United Kingdom) wrote Well, ummm, you look like a nice person so let me tell you a little secret...I don't like my photograph being taken but shhhh don't tell anyone ;0)

12 August 2008

a faulty way of thinking

A photo of a man that is supposed to invade his privacy because he is unconscious of the footpath. the real problem are the judgemental people who think that this should be hidden.

How Google put Bill's grief on show

07 July 2008


from a certain point of view, going down with the ship looks like suicide.

09 June 2008

of the french (again)

People keep on telling me that to like the french is to want to have an affair. They also say that to be Greek is to be gay. I do not think like this, but assuming that we take this to be true then the following must also be true:

  1. To like the British is to want to live in a sexless puritanical Victorian relationship with a person of the opposite sex.
  2. To like the Americans is to be a red neck, puritan in public who goes around with gay prostitutes when no one is looking.
Sounds only fair really.

18 May 2008

Boeing Factory - Melbourne

When in Melbourne recently I spoke to several people about the boeing strike. Actually they spoke to me as I was unaware that there was a 3 week long strike. They siad that the reason for the strike was that Boeing had delayed the 777 development. This meant that they had too many staff. So what Boeing's management was doing was surrupticousy going around finding people that they could sack to save money on redundancies. But they were not following the proper process. People were being sacked for doing things like getting someone else to sign in for them in the morning. They were being put on suspension for a week and then sacked. Aparently this is not the correct process.

04 May 2008

mexicans and other types of north americans...

If you are a mexican because you like to be on the bottom, does that mean that being an American means you like to be in the middle and being a Canadian mean that you like being on top? Kind of a north american sandwich.

29 March 2008


this is an example of badly behaved australian's treating people who are trying to do the right thing with disrespect.

Mental Health Association - digital and photographic art competition

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Kent Johnson Pro User says:

Mental Health Association - digital and photographic art competition
The Mental Health Association NSW Inc are launching a digital and photographic art competition to be held annually with the aim of using winning entries in state-wide mental health promotion campaigns.

We would very much appreciate any assistance you can provide in spreading the word about the competition, which closes on Monday 28th April.

The winning entrant will receive a cash prize of $800 - in total up to $1200 is available. Entries must be based on around the competition theme of 'Be Accepting', within the context of the 3 year Mental Health Week strategy of 'Building Resilience'. All prize winners will be acknowledged on the Mental Health Association NSW website.

Entries are open to all residents within NSW. Artists can submit more than one entry, and can submit existing artworks.

Entry forms and terms and conditions can be found on our website here www.mentalhealth.asn.au/campaigns/digital.htm. For further information please contact Nataly Bovopoulos, Mental Health Promotion Officer, on nbovopoulos@mentalhealth.asn.au or (02) 9339 6008.
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Kent Johnson Pro User says:

There is a crazy people half way house at the end of my street. I might look into this. They are all very nice and we say hello to each other.

(No its not MY house LOL).
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Naddsy Pro User says:

you should send in that nude self portrait - you can clearly see your nuts :) [boom boom]
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aeonmouse Pro User says:

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bruce-p Pro User says:

My vote is for Billy, and this self protrait for the 365 Group - clearly both the photographer and subject are nuts....

-- from Figuromo - (?)

30 January 2008

Skin implants

Wow, glow in the dark skin implants that react to various genes. You could have each knuckle on each finger done. The one described is for the brain’s circadian clock, but I'm sure you can think of other ones that would be cool to have triggered. Or perhaps a little dot in the middle of the forehead.

Telstra can fire sex romp girl

It was with dismay that I read that Telstra could sack someone for some activity they undertook outside work hours. Is this a fair and reasonable punishment? Would they sack someone from being a scientologist or a jew? I know many people when I worked there who attended lunch time bible meetings. But a more interesting and perhaps sexist observation can be made. Why would they sack the woman, and not the two men? I mean it says: She was accused of sexually harassing another female employee by being naked in the hotel bath with two Telstra male workers. Telstra also claimed she dishonestly answered questions during a subsequent company investigation into the incident. Unfortunately the article makes no mention of the fate of the male employees. I would take a less dim view if the men were also sacked.

29 January 2008

a short history of modern japan

Japan was a medieval world who's leaders were unwilling to change. Some people wanted change and actively sought it. When the Americans forced change they took the opportunity and said never again will another country do this to us. So they built a big army, navy and later airforce. Some time later some other Japanese used these assets to attack the Americans. (revenge perhaps?) They lost. The Americans sailed into Tokyo bay as a hostile force for change a second time. So the Japanese said for a second time, never again.

18 January 2008

IRA and the Triads

I was in Taiwan in the middle of 1999 reading the paper, probably one of the versions of the times. But I cannot remember. There was this article about the Taiwanese being annoyed by the face that the IRA was training the local triads to use cells. They were annoyed because the cells were hard to detect and mad policing harder.

05 January 2008

the bigot test

A very simple way to detect a bigot:
  1. the bad guys are always them, and the good guys are always us.
  2. they never do good things.
  3. we never do bad things.
They can be countries, states, religious groups, social stratas and many other things.

01 January 2008

different tyres

Back when I was living in Cammeray (1997 ish), my car was parked out on the street. We were at home, watching the TV. There was a loud bang of a car crash. One of our neighbours near the front of the block of units ran out onto the street. The car that crashed into the back of mine was a suzuki switf. He tried to get the car to stop, but it would not. He got the number plate. 6 months later, the police sent a letter that they could not track down the car and were closing the case. The numberplate was for a car registered in the town of Urana (If I have remembered that correctly.)

Sometime within two years I purchased a Suzuki Jimny and joined the 4WD drive club. They made some comments about people who stole tyres and the need to keep a watch out for cars with different tyres. They seemed to know who might be doing this.