24 January 2009

An american view of Australian Road signs

I picked up an American Hitch-hiker yesterday. He disliked the signs by Australian roads that provide advice like, micro sleeps kill. Do people just drop dead on the spot from micro sleeps? It's insidious, he said. What will then happen? Will they put up a sign like "We know you slept with a dog last night!". (Little does he realise that I have a very literal mind.) But I liked him. He was a good fellow. He wanted to know why there were no signs saying obesity kills.

This got me to thinking. Clearly these sign writers have limited themselves too much there. Here are some suggestions for the NSW government on better and improved signage.

  1. All junk food, such as fast foods, and soft drinks should have warning signs like Obesity Kills or sugar rots.
  2. All religious organisations should have signs like Holy Wars are Killers, or Not taking medicines results in shorter life, and suicide bomings are murder!.
I have not spent too much time thinking up new topics. Fell free to add any of your own in the comments below.

20 January 2009

a jolly good riddance to the leader of the free world

Well, I think that many of us have been very unhappy with the election of said george bush as the self appointed leader of the free world. I mean, if he was the leader of the free world and if we live in the free world, but of which there must be some question to and we live in democracies, how come we don't get to vote for our leader? Though here in Australia, where we seem to be happy with someone else leader as our head of state, why not another interloper? So we bid you good riddance george bush and say welcome to the man called barak.

14 January 2009


courtesy of wiktionary. Pretty straight forward and obvious. Why is knowing this a problem?




redneck (plural rednecks)

  1. (slang) An uneducated, unsophisticated, or poor white person, typically used to describe residents of the rural Southern US.

expensive and unfair?

The Weekend Australian is running a photo competition. Bit the terms and conditions can only be considered to be unreasonable and unfair. It in effect gives them access to an image, that in Australia would not cost less than $150 for nothing. This is a very expensive price to pay for entry into a photo competition. It seems that many papers and organisers are trying this stunt as more people get a mobile phone. My recommendation, do not enter these competitions until the terms are changed back to something more reasonable. I wonder if the competition and lottery organisations are onto this?

Each entrant assigns to the Promoter all copyright and other intellectual property rights in each photo and description sent in as part of an entry in this competition. Each entrant acknowledges that the Promoter, as owner of the copyright in the photographs and descriptions, may reproduce the photographs and descriptions in any media or marketing for any purpose without permission or payment. The entrants agree to waive all their rights, including moral rights, in the photographs entered by the entrants in this competition.