28 May 2009

Legally defining language

I remember my Austrlaian friends gleefully telling me how English is better than say German, becuase in German you need a act in parliament to change the spelling. But it seems that English is not as felxible as they would want to believe.
Though of course you can change something by common usage. So we should all call marriage between gay people marriage and the law and other things, being the stodgy followers that they are will eventually catch up.

08 May 2009

Sex, porn, other things, oh, and the internet

Today a friend posted a link to a humours piece on some of the trends in google trends. However, he missed one important point. As we all know from the song, The internet is for Porn! So here are some more trends.

1. Sex and Porn

Well, where else to start than the deep end? While sex is king, porn is the rapidly rising star. The top three countries for sex are India, Egypt and Indonesia. Delhi, Chennai and Cairo the top cities. I mean, where are the Americans, not to mention the French? Even Romania is leaving them for dead.

2. hentai and anime

Clearly hentai is the winner here in search, but Anime has it won in the news stakes.

but they both are still loosers when it comes to sex.

3. Sex drugs and rock and roll

Clearly Sex is better than drugs and rock and roll combined, according to the pundits. But according to the media, drugs are more significant than sex.

4. Sex and the Zeitgeist

The Google Zeitgeist lists the most popular search terms. For example, year end 2008, the top two popular search terms in Australia were Games followed by Sydney. Clearly Sex has never been up there in the search terms in Australia. Strangely Craigieburn and Cranbourne beat every capital city in Australia when it comes to searching for sex, and it would seem games.

So maybe the internet is not only about sex and porn. It's a bit disappointing really. If you read the press or listened to the politicians, you would think otherwise.

03 May 2009

due process

One of the important keystones in a modern society is proper and due legal process. These things have been put in place with slow development over a thousand years as a result of painful lessons learned. So I wonder why we then have politicians and lawmakers, not to mention a whole host of hangers on, like religious groups, saying, we know what is best for you. Don't question us and that legal processes is just an annoying hindrance. It seems to me that there have been groups that have said that in the past, people have believed them, and then terrible things have happened, all in the name of what is good and proper.
Web watchdog changes tack after blacklist leak

THE communications regulator has been forced to change its internal processes after the address of a prohibited anti-abortion web page in its top-secret blacklist was widely distributed on the internet.
Perhaps our politicians should show their metal, let there be public debate and put in place a proper legal process and frame work.