26 October 2008

no clothes

The BBC published this article - Europe delays airport X-ray eye. I think that the EU politicians have a point and am surprised it has been allowed in the prudish USA. Also, if it does use X-rays, aren't they dangerous? I wonder what technology they do use. I did not bother to search the internet to find out. I still think that wearing no clothes or transparent clothes would be just as efficient and a whole lot cheaper. Perhaps poorer countries could use the nudity approach.

I suspect it won't be long before it is in a local XXX shop. I wonder if they have better resolution images that they did not use as this is after all the respectable BBC.

25 October 2008

more than 125 people were murdered to take this photo

I have always wondered about the distinctions for murder. But war is just the most effective method of mass murder. More than 125 men were killed in the making of the photo in my grandfathers photo album, but only 125 men are in it. Who know how many plants and animals were killed on the side? I do not know.

WWII photos

09 October 2008

the financial crisis so far

A very short version:
  1. A person in the great depression decided the government should lend money to those who the banks would not.
  2. A person many years later decided to sell these loans to the banks.
  3. A banker many years later decided to guarantee these loans.
  4. Many people many years later discovered that there was a reason why it was the government making these loans and why the banks would not.

05 October 2008

AUS NSW Carcoar Belubula Street

AUS NSW Carcoar Belubula Street, originally uploaded by yewenyi.

A person told me that it is wrong to take a photo and manipulate it with lines, I think that they are full of shit. I quite like the effect. She said that it does not stop copyright, but I think I already owned the copyright.

03 October 2008

The Cage Walk

Maybe it should be called the cage rather than the coat hanger. I love the title Cage Walk

"Sydney" by yewenyi [?]