29 November 2008


When I was younger I used to play a game called Paranoia. Unfortunately paranoid behaviour has become an endemic in Australia. For instance, the mere act of taking a photo of children in a school is now deemed an evil act. However, when in China we were welcomed with open arms. In Korea, the children were given quite an amount of room to run around. Again, no need to be afraid they will be kidnapped or any other potential grievance. No need to make school into little concentration camps with high fences. Give me the Chinese and Korean approach rather than the Australian approach any day.

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27 November 2008


Does it not seem that people say they dislike people because of their personal preferences are prejudicial? I often see this when I see comments about not likeing people beucase of their profiles on the net, especially in conjunction with the work place.

26 November 2008


In the years after WWII many on the side of Labour wanted to nationalise the banks. People fought long and hard against this. After all it is socialism or communism creepeing in.I wonder if they see the irony in the British Governments nationalising banks to save themselves from themselves and their capitalist excess.

12 November 2008

On ode to those who fought in WWI,

Lest we forget,
those who selflessly gave their lives to protect a land where the indigenous population were not considered citizens and were sent off to reservations.

lest we forget,
those who gave their lives for a land where only people with white skin were unwelcome.

lest we forget,
the injustices of the past.

lest we forget,
that there is a bigger wider picture.

Lest we forget,
the fact that people on all sides of the conflict gave their lives selflessly for a cause that they believed in.

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07 November 2008

pervert photography

A woman in Canberra, this year, said to me that certain stances in photography amounted to attempts to take photos up a skirt and used this stance as an example. This is of course a stupid belief. It actually means that the photographer, such as myself, is too lazy to lie down on the ground to get the photo.

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