31 December 2008

Gulgong Folk Festival

I sent this as a bug report to Facebook. My work place filter also did not like the site, but still let me in.

Hi, I tried to post the link to a local folk festival here in NSW, and was prevented form doing so because the sight was said to be: reported as abusive by Facebook users.

it is: http://gulgongfolkfestival.150m.com/

I think that this is unfair and unjust. :(


yewenyi said...

This is the reply from Facebook:

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your email. Unfortunately, Facebook blocks certain URL domains from which spam often originates. While the page you trued to post is clearly not malicious, the recent prevalence of phishing and malware links originating from that domain has prompted Facebook to block this web domain for the time being. Please note that it may be unblocked in the near future if spam begins to subside. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

User Operations

yewenyi said...

I wrote this to Anthony Albanese, my local member of parliament.


I am just writing to you about the topic of internet filtering. I am not actually against protecting people from illegal material. I think that this is a good idea. But I am concerned about the potential impact on innocent bystanders. Below is a case in point.

I was sent a link to a folk festival site in western NSW. At work my work filter blocked the site as containing illegal material. When I tried to post the link to my friends on Facebook I got a similar response. This is clearly incorrect. I am concerned about the reputation of a family friendly folk festival being slandered by internet filters and their loss of revenue as people have trouble accessing their site.

I sincerely hope that any filter you put up would not suffer from these problems and that if it does there is some means of restitution and compensation for the people so slandered or financially damaged within the system you establish.

Brian Yap (葉文意)